Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Wow, can you believe it is the last day of 2013?  Where did this year go?  It was a very busy year for Minny and myself.  We made the big move in November from the mountains of New Hampshire to the mountains of North Carolina!

It was our first Christmas in North Carolina.  The Blue Ridge Mountains are just Awesome!  But I have to say, there wasn't very much snow Christmas morning.  Nothing like in New Hampshire. But that is okay. We had to make the move, so it is all good..............

Blue Ridge Mountains

How was your Christmas?  Ours was great!  Minny loved watching where Santa was on the Santa Tracker on the computer. What?  We watched it on a computer and in the mountains no less!  Well, have you heard of generators?  They help us moose when we need to check things out on the computer and television. Minny kept looking up in the sky hoping she could see Santa in person, but she fell asleep before he arrived. Santa was very good to her.  
Christmas Town USA

North Carolina has some cool places.  McAdenville is known as Christmas Town USA.  I love to visit these neat places.

That's all for now.  Getting ready to ring in the new year!  I hope you all have a Wonderful New Year's Eve and Day.  Don't watch too much football!  Enjoy the parades!

Moose Mills

Monday, December 23, 2013


Minny went to Sea World in Orlando!  She had a blast, as did we all!  We went with my "adopted mom" and her grandson and with her daughter.

"Mom" wanted to catch all the Christmas shows and those shows are after 6 PM.  So we left just before noon and drove the 80 miles to Sea World.  We visited the new Antartica exhibit first.  We rode the new ride they have and then saw all the penquins in their new home!  Minny was awestruck!

Penquins in their new home

We then went to ride on The Polar Express.  What a neat ride!  Minny was so mesmirized. She couldn't believe she was going to the North Pole!  After we walked through where the polar bears were and where Santa was visiting with children, we saw a HUGE Christmas tree!
Gigantic Tree!
We got to see it snow!  Yes, I said snow.  You didn't know that it snows in Florida?  Well it does at Sea World around Christmas.  We also got to see a new thing this year at Sea World.  While we were waiting for it to snow, they had two toy soldiers standing on drums. They wouldn't move until someone came up to them or made them move.  They were so cute and Minny and Ronnie got a kick out of watching them.

Toy Soldiers
We had to get in line early to see "O Wondrous Night".  The 7 PM show was sold out, so we saw the 8:30 PM show. It is the story of the Baby Jesus told from the animals point of view.  They had live animals also. They had camels, goats, sheep, birds, doves, etc.  The whole audience gave the cast a standing ovation at the end.  It was a Wondrous show indeed!

A Beautiful Show!

We then went to see Shamu in Miracles.  Minny loved watching the whales jump out of the water and then splash the audience with water.  She thought it was funny!

After we went to see the Ice Show.  Those guys and gals sure can skate!  We also the Christmas tree show. They have these Christmas trees on the water all lit up.  They change colors along to the music.  

The finale for the evening was an awesome fireworks show.  The fireworks are timed to the music.  Minny sat there with her jaw open.  She could not believe how beautiful the fireworks were.  A little loud, but she didn't care.

Awesome Fireworks!

If you are ever in the Orlando area, stop by Sea World and catch their shows.  Especially at Christmas time!

So it is really warm here in Florida.  It has been in the eighties.  Minny and I are headed back to the mountains of North Carolina for Christmas.  It is our new home as I told in my last blog and we want to be there to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  And Minny told me she is going to stay up and wait for Santa.  She wants to see him in person!

Enjoy your Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Moose Mills

Thursday, December 5, 2013


Did you miss me?  I missed you!  I apologize for not being around lately, BUT...........we were moving! That's right, we moved from New Hampshire to the mountains of North Carolina!  We are now located in Kannapolis, North Carolina.

Kannapolis, you say!  Yep.  It is the hometown of the famous NASCAR race car driver, Dale Earnhardt, Sr.  He is no longer with us as he passed away in an accident at the end of the 2001 Daytona 500. Kannapolis is in the heart of NASCAR country with a lot of race shops all around.

Bronze Statue of Dale Sr.in Kannapolis, NC

I must say I do miss the mountains of New Hampshire, but North Carolina has its own mountains.  One of the most famous ones is Grandfather Mountain.  I believe it is the highest point in North Carolina.  Look at the bridge you can walk over from one mountain top to the other at Grandfather Mountain.

Grandfather Mountain
Minny would not go across that bridge.  She didn't like the fact that it was so far down between those mountain tops!  Can't say I blame her.  It was a bit scary!

It is cold out there and this is the season where your hands get awfully dry.  You need my Magic for your hands.  Remember, my hand treatment soaks into your skin and doesn't "sit on top" of your skin like some mineral oil based products do.  You can wash your hands and my Magic will still be softening your hands.

You can go to here to order Magic for your hands.  Your hands will love you for it!

Soon it will be Christmas and Minny is getting excited!  Until next time..............

Moose Mills

Sunday, August 18, 2013


Can you believe it?  Summer is almost over!  Where did it go?  Why does summer always seem to fly by and winter seems to travel reaaaalll slllloooowwwww...............................

Summer in Florida!

Minny and I are back in Florida for a while.  You ask why?  Why come to Florida during the hot and muggy days of August?  Well, the CEO of our company is getting married!  So we both had to come down to see his wedding on the beach!  A first for Minny and I to see a beach wedding.  Well, let's be honest, the first wedding for either of us to see.

What have you been doing this summer?  I hope something awesome!  As you know from my last blog that Minny and I have been doing some traveling.  The trip to North Carolina was a blast!  Minny had so much fun being with Ronnie, my adopted mom's grandson. She is still talking about the train ride, the trip to the zoo and all the other fun things they did.

Since that trip, we have been in New Hampshire and the weather has been "all over the place".  Really hot, almost like Florida, then cool, then really nice weather.  Throw some rain in there and you got the picture.  But it is still beautiful this time of  year in the mountains of New Hampshire.

I have to do a little promotion here.  As you know or may not know, Maine is a Moose state.  They love their moose in Maine!  There are several places in Maine where you can find my Moose Mills Products. Reny's is just one of the stores who carries my products. They have several stores throughout Maine.  So if you are near one, stop in and ask for my product.  

If you want the softest hands around, then you have to try my Magic Hand Therapy.
Moose Magic for your hands!

Remember, when you use my Moose Magic on your hands, it soaks into your hands and doesn't "sit on top of your hands" like mineral oil based hand treatments do. My Moose Magic contains aloe, vitamins, and glycerin to name just a few of the ingredients. You can wash your hands after use and my Moose Magic will still be softening your hands.  

School starts soon and Minny has one more year before she starts in Moose school.  Oh, you didn't know there was a Moose school?  Where have you been?  Of course, there is a Moose school.  Minny can't wait until she can start school.  I am sure after a year or two, she will not be looking forward to it, but just waiting for SUMMER!  And you know she is so smart and asked me the other day, "Why doesn't summer last for nine months and school only last for three months?".  I bet all children would love that! 

Gotta run.  I am busy helping out this week here in Florida and then the wedding next weekend!  Minny is all excited!

    Moose Mills

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Minny and I have been traveling this past month.  Yes, Minny went we me on this trip!  I was so happy to have her travel with me.

Minny and I with my "adopted mom" and her hubby and grandson, Ronnie, went to North Carolina.  Minny was happy to have someone younger to travel with.  Ronnie is 10 years old.  And with Minny being 4 years old, Ronnie was like her big brother!

We went to some cool places in North Carolina.  The last time I was in North Carolina we went to the Train Museum in Spencer.  We went again this time so Ronnie and Minny could see the trains.  They both loved riding on the train and see all the big trains.

 Minny just had to sneak in this picture!

This was a beautiful red caboose!

We went to the Daniel Boone Park located on the Yadkin River.  We had to walk down this trail through the woods to get to the cave that Daniel Boone lived in.  Minny and I didn't mind it, but Ronnie and "Mom" kept getting attacked by mosquitoes and other little bugs! Bugs don't bother us!

In front of the cave Daniel Boone lived in.  Notice how Minny poses the same way?

The Yadkin River sure is muddy!  

We also went to the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro.  What a beautiful zoo and it is so big.  It is divided into two sections.  There is an entrance on the North America side and there is an entrance on the Africa side.  We went to the Africa side first where we saw giraffes, gorillas, rhinoceros and many more animals.  

 Beautiful giraffes.

A mama gorilla and her new baby all curled up in a ball.

We even went to Dinosaur Land.  They were huge!!  Thank goodness they weren't real!! Minny was a little scared of them!  She would not pose in the picture with Ronnie below the biggest dinosaur.

Minny was too scared to get near this huge dinosaur!

We then took a tram to go to the North America entrance which was a mile away!  We saw polar bears, alligators, and more animals. 
 These alligators were sleeping, thank goodness!

Isn't she or he just beautiful?

If you walk the whole zoo, it is five miles of trails. That is a lot of walking!  If you are ever near Asheboro, North Carolina, you should stop at this zoo.  You will not regret it.  

After a stay in North Carolina, it was onto Florida.  Minny and I are not fond of Florida in the summer.  It is too hot and humid.  But we visited for a while and I went with "Mom" and her daughter to see the Coke Zero 400 Nascar race at the Daytona International Speedway. 
Opening ceremony before the Coke Zero 400.

Remember, I went to the Daytona 500 and loved it.  It was hot for this race, but I have to say once we got to our seats up in the stands we had our own air conditioner.  A nice wind was blowing out of the southeast so the heat was tolerable.  The race was awesome and very exciting!  "Mom's" guy didn't win (Dale Jr.) and neither did her daughter's guy win (Tony Stewart).  I didn't have a favorite driver, so I didn't care who won. And a great fireworks show ended the night.  A good time was had by all!!!

Now Minny and I are back home in New Hampshire.  It is always good to go away, but it is GREAT to get back home!

Enjoy your summer!  Until next time.............................

Moose Mills

Sunday, June 16, 2013


Isn't my little daughter so adorable?  I am one proud father on today of all days, Father's Day!!  Yeah, I know, it is my day to relax.  But I have to share this adorable picture of Minny with you!  And share the exciting news with you!

I want to introduce a brand new product in the Moose Mills Products line and that is Minny's new Baby Sunscreen Lotion.  It is a Broad Spectrum SPF 50 that is water resistant up to 80 minutes.  It hypoallergenic with UVA/UVB protection.  Just what you need to help protect your child from the sun.

You can buy it at www.moosemills.com.  

Even though Minny is only 4 years old, she is so excited that we made a product for children with her picture on it.  She wants to go to the next show with me to help sell it. She is too young, but I won't tell her that yet.

Back to celebrating my day with my daughter.  She was so cute this morning.  She served me breakfast in bed.  What?  You don't think we moose have beds?  Well we do.  Not like humans' beds, but we do have beds.  

Have a wonderful week!  Until we meet again.................................

   Moose Mills

Friday, May 10, 2013


I just got back from a trip to North Carolina!  What a trip!  I have been there before, but went again with my "adopted mom" and her hubby.

They have a place up near Winston-Salem.  It is not very far from the Blue Ridge mountains.  So I got to roam those mountains.

The day we all went up to the mountains was a cloudy day and we ran into some rain.  We stopped at one of the lookouts on the Blue Ridge Parkway to see Stone Mountain.
Description and notes about Stone Mountain at the overlook stop.
Stone Mountain

Can you see Stone Mountain in the second picture?  No?  Look again.  Look real hard. Rub your eyes and look once more.  Can't see it?  Well, neither could we.  That high up had a lot of fog.  Bummer!  Oh well, next time maybe we will be able to see Stone Mountain.

We also went to visit Tiger World in Rockwell, North Carolina.  Tiger World is a non profit animal conservation  and educational center dedicated to rescue, rehabilitation, and preservation of exotic animals.
These two bears were cute.  
This lion was "talking" to us.  More like growling to us!
This beautiful guy was just laying on the store window ledge.

If you ever get up to North Carolina, make a point to stop and see these beautiful animals. There a lot more animals to see.  Rockwell is located off of I-85, about 20 minutes northeast of Charlotte.

We also went to visit some race shops.  Since "mom" is a Nascar nut, race shops are always on the itinerary.    Mom's daughter was visiting and she is a die hard Tony Stewart fan.  She knows someone who works on Danica Patrick's race crew, so we got to tour Stewart-Haas Racing.  
Here I am standing by Tony's car.

And, of course, a trip to North Carolina race shops would not be complete without stopping by Junior Motorsports.  Mom is a die hard Dale Jr. fan.  They give tours on Thursdays and Fridays, so we got to tour his shop.
Here I am by the car Dale Jr. won in at Daytona!

We also visited the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer.  Wow!  It was HUGE!!  We even rode a train around the 56 acres.  This was a NEAT museum.  Another stop you need to make when in North Carolina.  Spencer is just up the road on I-85 northeast of Tiger World.
This was one of the buildings at the museum.  We saw trains, planes, automobiles and more!!
One of the restored trains.  Awesome!
Another restored train.  Beautiful!

We saw a lot on this trip.  My favorite was the mountains.  I love to roam the mountains. I know I will be going back to those Blue Ridge Mountains!

Well, I am back in Florida.  I am overseeing the production of Minny Moose's new sunscreen.  It is set to ship out in another week.  Minny is so excited to have her own product. Children need sunscreen on when outside in any weather.  Sunshine or cloudy weather.

Until next time..........................

Moose Mills 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


First of all, I want to thank all the buyers that stopped to see me at the New England Product Gift Show in Portland, Maine last weekend.  What a show!

My "adopted mom" flew up from Florida to help me work at the show.  She got in the day after Portland got a snowstorm.  She was worried as it has been years since she has driven in snow up in Michigan.  But the roads were clear even though there was a foot of snow on the ground.

We met a lot of nice people at the show.  The show was full of booths and we heard that there was a waiting list for vendors' booths this year.  That is a very good sign!

Of course, I was all excited to introduce a new product for summer.  Minny Moose could not attend the show, but we had artwork to show the buyers what was coming out for summer.  It is the new Minny Moose Baby Sunscreen Lotion!  It has SPF50 and is Water Resistant (80 minutes), with UVA/UVB Protection and it is Hypoallergenic.

Moose Mills Baby Sunscreen Lotion with SPF50

Minny is so excited that she will have her very own brand in the Moose Mills Products lineup!  She can't wait to get out there this summer to help promote her new sunscreen! The buyers thought the new product was adorable especially with Minny on the label.

So I am very busy filling orders from the show.  Again, thank you everyone for your orders and kind words about our products.

Until next time...................
     Mr. Moose Mills

Thursday, February 28, 2013


I have been thinking about this and thought it would be fun to let you know some facts about moose.  So today I will be the teacher and you can be the student.  Ready?

Did you know that moose are among the largest animals in the Northern Hemisphere? Yep, they are.  Adult males may weigh up to 1500 pounds.  The average weight for the male moose is around 1000 pounds.  An adult female weighs around 800 pounds.

Can you guess where the largest moose live?  It is in the state of Alaska!  Alaska and Maine have the largest population of moose.  Moose are in New Hampshire, New York, Upper Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and Washington.  And of course there a lot of us moose in Canada.

An adult male is called a bull.  An adult female is called a cow.  And a young moose is called a calf.

Only bull moose grow antlers.  Their antlers begin to grow in early spring.  By the end of the warm summer months, the antlers reach maximum growth and begin to harden.  The bull moose shed their antlers in late autumn or early winter.  This gives the bull moose relief that he doesn't have to carry around these antlers that can weigh up to 60 pounds. Sure makes it easier for me to trudge through the snow without all that extra weight!!!

Moose eat plants only and may eat up to 60 pounds per day.  Hey, we are growing and we need our nutrition!

Did you know that I can run pretty fast?  Yup, I can run as fast at 35 miles per hour.  We are excellent swimmers.  Oh cool, time to throw in a plug for my Moose Mist Sport SPF30 Sunscreen.

I know, you are thinking this is winter and you don't need sunscreen.  Really?  Oh yes you do!  With the sun bouncing off the white snow, you need sunscreen.  My continous spray SPF30 sunscreen is perfect to protect your exposed skin to the sun.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, you are telling me that you are covered up with all your snow gear.  But what about your face?  You need sunscreen on your face.  My Moose Mist Sport SPF30 Sunscreen is just the answer to protect your face from the sun.

Check out my website, www.moosemills.com, where you can order my sunscreen.

Okay, advertisement is over, back to the fun facts about moose!

Can you guess how much a moose weighs at birth?  They weigh from 25 to 35 pounds. And calves can run within a few days after birth and swim well within two weeks!

Don't tell anyone, but moose have no upper teeth.  That is why you never see me with a BIG smile.

This is a neat fact.  The word "moose" is derived from the native North American Algonquian Indian word meaning "twig eater".  Hmmmmm, thus the fact that we eat plants!

The moose in Europe are referred to as "elk".  In North America, the word "elk" is a different animal from the moose.

White moose are rare and they are not called albinos.

That is it for your class on moose today.  I hope you learned some facts you never knew before.

I am back in New Hampshire.  My trip to Florida and the Daytona races was a blast!  I sure enjoyed it.  But I had to come back home because I missed Minny Moose.  She sure was glad to see me as I was glad to see her!


Moose Mills

Monday, February 25, 2013

SUPER BOWL 500!!!!

I am back to tell you about the Super Bowl of Nascar Racing, the Daytona 500!  What a race!  It was AWESOME!!  I have never seen anything like it!

All the drivers lined up before the start of the Dayona 500!

I went with my adopted "Mom" and her daughter.  It sure looked like it was going to rain.  "Mom" told me that last year the Daytona 500 was rained out for the first time ever in 54 years.  The race had to be held the next day at night.  So I am sure that Nascar hoped it wouldn't rain again this year and it did not!  It was just cloudy.  The sun kept trying to peek out, but with no success.  They said that the cloudy conditions would make the cars go faster!  Wonder if that was true?  What do you think?  I know that they sure were going fast driving (or should I say "flying") past us.  They get up to close to 200 miles per hour!  Too fast for me!!!

Here I am sneaking in the picture as Danica leads the drivers in the Daytona 500!
History was made this year at the Daytona 500 as Danica Patrick was the first woman to ever win the Pole for the 500 (started first).  Quite an accomplishment in a sport that is dominated by male drivers.  I think it is awesome that she did this.  And she drove great in the race.  She was running in the top five for most of the race.  She ended up finishing eighth when the race was over.  Jimmie Johnson won it for the second time in his career.  And "Mom's" favorite driver, Dale Jr., came in second.  "Mom" was yelling and carrying on hoping he would win the race!!!!
Daytona is a great race track.  The track is 2.5 miles and they race around it 200 times.  Thus the Daytona 500 (for 500 miles).   It sures holds a lot of people to watch the race.  The stands were almost completely filled.  There were not very many empty seats.  I saw a lot of people wearing shirts and hats representing the different drivers.  The most I saw were of Dale, Jr.  There also were a lot of Tony Stewart.  And I did see quite a few Danica Patrick shirts.  People love their racing and drivers so I learned.
I loved the experience of my first Daytona 500!  I hope to go again next year.  You should go at least once in your life. Live a little!
Moose Mills

Thursday, February 21, 2013


I am here in Daytona Beach, Florida, visiting my "adopted mom" and family.  Beautiful weather down here.  A whole lot WARMER than in New Hampshire this time of year!

Guess where I went today?  I will give you three guesses and the first two don't count.  Silly moose, aren't I?  I went to see the Budweiser Duels at the Daytona International Speedway.  It is that time of year when Nascar "kicks off" their season of racing.  It is Speed Weeks in Daytona right now.  It started last week with the Sprint Unlimited Race on Saturday night.  Then on Sunday they had qualifying for the Daytona 500 race this coming Sunday.  And guess who is on the pole (starts first in the race)in the Daytona 500?  It is Danica Patrick!  She is the first woman to ever take the pole position for the Daytona 500!  Pretty Awesome, I think.

Now the Budweiser Duels that were held today set the rest of the field for the Daytona 500.  That means that they had two races and how the driver finished the race (position), that is where he will start the race in the Daytona 500.  Follow me?  I know, it is a little complicated.  It is especially complicated for me as I really don't know much about racing.  I am a Moose, remember?
Here I am at Daytona!
And you know who won the first race?  I keep asking you questions, don't I?  It was Kevin Harvick who drives a car sponsored by Budweiser!  Imagine that!  Pretty neat for the Bud car to win when the race is sponsored by Budweiser. The second race was won by Kyle Busch.  He drives the M & M car.  It had M & M candies all over the car!  Not real candy!  Pictures of the different colored M & M candies.
"Mom" was happy as we were sitting right across from the driver she likes in the #88.  Dale Jr.
And we saw the Clydesdale Horses!  Wow, they sure are BIG!!!

I sure loved watching the race today.  They have a truck race Friday night.  Then they have another race with different cars on Saturday.  Then on Sunday, it is the Super Bowl of racing!  It is the Daytona 500!  I can't wait to see it.  Woohoo!!!   I will let you know all about it in my next blog!

Until next time.....................

Moose Mills

Friday, January 25, 2013


Hello from frigid New Hampshire!!   Wow, it sure has been cold up here!  I may have to sneek a trip to Florida soon to warm up!!!

See the snow up here near Sullivan, NH?  It sure is beautiful!   Again, COLD but very beautiful!
The boss and a few people from the Florida plant flew up here to NH to visit and work at the Peterborough plant for a week.  It was nice that they could see some snow.  But I am pretty sure that a week of cold New Hampshire was enough and they were probably glad to get back to warm Florida!
They did get some snowmobiling in on this trip. 
I ran along side them, but it was hard at times to keep up with one certain individual on his snowmobile.  I hear he is the dare devil of the group.  All that matters is they had fun and no one got hurt!
This cold weather sure does a number on your skin.  It dries your hands and feet out!  Try my Moose Mills Magic Hand Therapy for your hands.  It is the greatest and keeps your hands nice and soft.  And for your feet try my Moose Mills Mud Foot Balm.  You will like it!   
And those of you who are into skiing, don't forget your sunscreen!  Yep, the sun shining on all that snow can give you a sunburn.  So use my Moose Mist Sport Sunscreen SPF30.  It comes in a continous spray for your use.
You can find these three and all my other products at www.moosemills.com.
Busy working on getting ready for my next gift show in Portland, Maine in March.  I love meeting people.  Had a blast at last year's show!  I think a lot of people were surprised to see a moose walking around at the show!  One thing, a lot of people got a big smile on their face when they saw me!  This little baby wasn't sure who or what I was!  Babies are so precious!!
Until next time........................

             Moose Mills

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Happy New Year!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.  Minny and I had the best Christmas ever. 

First of all, she got such a kick out of watching where Santa was on the Google Santa tracker.  That was so neat!  When it showed Santa getting close to New Hampshire, she would look up to see if she could see him.  Of course, I told she had to go to sleep as Santa wouldn't come until she was asleep.  She sure went to sleep in record time!!

We had snow for Christmas!  That was so awesome!  Minny and her cousins had fun playing in the snow. 

Now it is a new year.  I have been doing some thinking of what I would like to accomplish is 2013.

1.  Spend more time with Minny.
2.  Meet more people.
3.  Introduce Moose Mills Products to a lot more people.
4.  Travel to new places and take Minny whenever I can.
5.  Spend more time in the mountains of New Hampshire.
6.  Finish more things on my bucket list.  (Yeah, I have a bucket list!)
7.  Introduce a new product in my Moose Mills Products line.
8.  Try to do a couple more trade shows to show Moose Mills Products.
9.  Advertise more on great blogs.
10. Have a great year!

Do you know what you want to do in 2013?

Perception Is Everything
My friend at "The Foley Fam - Unedited" blog has a little "party" going on.  You are welcome to go visit her blog and join the party!  The more the merrier!  Define what you would like to do in 2013.

I have to get back to work!  I need to work on my list! 

Until next time...................

Moose Mills