Tuesday, April 2, 2013


First of all, I want to thank all the buyers that stopped to see me at the New England Product Gift Show in Portland, Maine last weekend.  What a show!

My "adopted mom" flew up from Florida to help me work at the show.  She got in the day after Portland got a snowstorm.  She was worried as it has been years since she has driven in snow up in Michigan.  But the roads were clear even though there was a foot of snow on the ground.

We met a lot of nice people at the show.  The show was full of booths and we heard that there was a waiting list for vendors' booths this year.  That is a very good sign!

Of course, I was all excited to introduce a new product for summer.  Minny Moose could not attend the show, but we had artwork to show the buyers what was coming out for summer.  It is the new Minny Moose Baby Sunscreen Lotion!  It has SPF50 and is Water Resistant (80 minutes), with UVA/UVB Protection and it is Hypoallergenic.

Moose Mills Baby Sunscreen Lotion with SPF50

Minny is so excited that she will have her very own brand in the Moose Mills Products lineup!  She can't wait to get out there this summer to help promote her new sunscreen! The buyers thought the new product was adorable especially with Minny on the label.

So I am very busy filling orders from the show.  Again, thank you everyone for your orders and kind words about our products.

Until next time...................
     Mr. Moose Mills

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