Sunday, September 30, 2012


How have you all been?  I have been just great and busy, busy.  Busy working and trying to fit in time with Minny Moose.

So Minny wanted to make cupcakes.  She got the idea of decorating the cupcakes as moose.  I thought okay let's see what we can do.  So I asked "mom" if she would help, and as always she said "Yes".

I told "mom" that we could just use a cake mix as it would be easier for Minny.  But we did make the frosting from scratch. 
Here are the cupcakes waiting to be decorated.
Here are the "Eyes" for the moose.

                                                We used chocolate Twizzlers for the antlers.

We tried to unwind each Twizzler, but couldn't.  So we cut them to size and then cut them in half.

We used these to melt to cover the minnie marshmallows for the nose for the moose.

We melted the wafers in the microwave.  Then we dipped each marshmallow in the melted chocolate.

Here is the first finished moose.  The nose could be a little bigger, but a regular marshmallow would be too big for the cupcake.

Here is the whole gang of moose cupcakes finished.

And of course, Minny Moose, tried to sneak in the picture of this moose cupcake. 
Minny and I had so much fun making these cupcakes.  You should try it with your children.  It is a nice "bonding time" with your young ones.  Minny had a blast and of course, she kept sneaking tastes of the chocolate frosting.  She had more on her than was left in the bowl!  But that is what being a child moose is all about. having fun!!
Until next time.........................................

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