Monday, February 3, 2014


Oh, you are not into football?  That's okay, but a lot of people are.  They said that 100 million people watched the Super Bowl last night.  The Denver Broncos played the Seattle Seahawks.

Minny and I are in Florida at our plant and staying with my "adopted" mom.  It was cold and rainy for several days, but today, Holy Cow it is in the eighties!!  Super warm for February! Minny and I will have to head back to North Carolina soon so we can have seasonable weather!  It has been cold up there.  It snowed last week just before we headed down here to Florida.

But back to football for a few.  Now since I am originally from New Hampshire, by football team is the New England Patriots. I know, I know, some of your are moaning on that one. My "mom" is a Chicago Bears fan and she only likes one person on the Patriots. Who?  Why Tom Brady, of course. Why?  Because he played for the Michigan Wolverines. So since none of "our teams" were playing in the Super Bowl, mom and the family were rooting for the Seahawks. Only one son of theirs was rooting for the Broncos.  Me?  I really didn't care who won.  But I guess it was good to see the Seahawks win their first Super Bowl.

Now I love to watch the commercials during the Super Bowl.  That is my favorite thing!  My favorite commercial?  Do you think you can guess?  It was the Budweiser Puppy Love commercial.  That was the best commercial.

Budweiser had another commercial that was a tribute to a soldier. That soldier happened to be from Florida. That was a cool commercial also.

Budweiser always seems to come up with the BEST commercials!

And did you know that the Seattle Seahawks have a legally deaf person on their team? Derrick Coleman, Number 40, is legally deaf.  He seems like an awesome person. He treated two young twin deaf  girls and their parents to tickets to the Super Bowl.  How great was that?

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Until next time....................

Moose Mills

Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Wow, can you believe it is the last day of 2013?  Where did this year go?  It was a very busy year for Minny and myself.  We made the big move in November from the mountains of New Hampshire to the mountains of North Carolina!

It was our first Christmas in North Carolina.  The Blue Ridge Mountains are just Awesome!  But I have to say, there wasn't very much snow Christmas morning.  Nothing like in New Hampshire. But that is okay. We had to make the move, so it is all good..............

Blue Ridge Mountains

How was your Christmas?  Ours was great!  Minny loved watching where Santa was on the Santa Tracker on the computer. What?  We watched it on a computer and in the mountains no less!  Well, have you heard of generators?  They help us moose when we need to check things out on the computer and television. Minny kept looking up in the sky hoping she could see Santa in person, but she fell asleep before he arrived. Santa was very good to her.  
Christmas Town USA

North Carolina has some cool places.  McAdenville is known as Christmas Town USA.  I love to visit these neat places.

That's all for now.  Getting ready to ring in the new year!  I hope you all have a Wonderful New Year's Eve and Day.  Don't watch too much football!  Enjoy the parades!

Moose Mills

Monday, December 23, 2013


Minny went to Sea World in Orlando!  She had a blast, as did we all!  We went with my "adopted mom" and her grandson and with her daughter.

"Mom" wanted to catch all the Christmas shows and those shows are after 6 PM.  So we left just before noon and drove the 80 miles to Sea World.  We visited the new Antartica exhibit first.  We rode the new ride they have and then saw all the penquins in their new home!  Minny was awestruck!

Penquins in their new home

We then went to ride on The Polar Express.  What a neat ride!  Minny was so mesmirized. She couldn't believe she was going to the North Pole!  After we walked through where the polar bears were and where Santa was visiting with children, we saw a HUGE Christmas tree!
Gigantic Tree!
We got to see it snow!  Yes, I said snow.  You didn't know that it snows in Florida?  Well it does at Sea World around Christmas.  We also got to see a new thing this year at Sea World.  While we were waiting for it to snow, they had two toy soldiers standing on drums. They wouldn't move until someone came up to them or made them move.  They were so cute and Minny and Ronnie got a kick out of watching them.

Toy Soldiers
We had to get in line early to see "O Wondrous Night".  The 7 PM show was sold out, so we saw the 8:30 PM show. It is the story of the Baby Jesus told from the animals point of view.  They had live animals also. They had camels, goats, sheep, birds, doves, etc.  The whole audience gave the cast a standing ovation at the end.  It was a Wondrous show indeed!

A Beautiful Show!

We then went to see Shamu in Miracles.  Minny loved watching the whales jump out of the water and then splash the audience with water.  She thought it was funny!

After we went to see the Ice Show.  Those guys and gals sure can skate!  We also the Christmas tree show. They have these Christmas trees on the water all lit up.  They change colors along to the music.  

The finale for the evening was an awesome fireworks show.  The fireworks are timed to the music.  Minny sat there with her jaw open.  She could not believe how beautiful the fireworks were.  A little loud, but she didn't care.

Awesome Fireworks!

If you are ever in the Orlando area, stop by Sea World and catch their shows.  Especially at Christmas time!

So it is really warm here in Florida.  It has been in the eighties.  Minny and I are headed back to the mountains of North Carolina for Christmas.  It is our new home as I told in my last blog and we want to be there to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  And Minny told me she is going to stay up and wait for Santa.  She wants to see him in person!

Enjoy your Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Moose Mills