Friday, January 25, 2013


Hello from frigid New Hampshire!!   Wow, it sure has been cold up here!  I may have to sneek a trip to Florida soon to warm up!!!

See the snow up here near Sullivan, NH?  It sure is beautiful!   Again, COLD but very beautiful!
The boss and a few people from the Florida plant flew up here to NH to visit and work at the Peterborough plant for a week.  It was nice that they could see some snow.  But I am pretty sure that a week of cold New Hampshire was enough and they were probably glad to get back to warm Florida!
They did get some snowmobiling in on this trip. 
I ran along side them, but it was hard at times to keep up with one certain individual on his snowmobile.  I hear he is the dare devil of the group.  All that matters is they had fun and no one got hurt!
This cold weather sure does a number on your skin.  It dries your hands and feet out!  Try my Moose Mills Magic Hand Therapy for your hands.  It is the greatest and keeps your hands nice and soft.  And for your feet try my Moose Mills Mud Foot Balm.  You will like it!   
And those of you who are into skiing, don't forget your sunscreen!  Yep, the sun shining on all that snow can give you a sunburn.  So use my Moose Mist Sport Sunscreen SPF30.  It comes in a continous spray for your use.
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Busy working on getting ready for my next gift show in Portland, Maine in March.  I love meeting people.  Had a blast at last year's show!  I think a lot of people were surprised to see a moose walking around at the show!  One thing, a lot of people got a big smile on their face when they saw me!  This little baby wasn't sure who or what I was!  Babies are so precious!!
Until next time........................

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