Monday, October 8, 2012


As I have told you before, I LOVE to travel.  So I traveled again this weekend and brought Minny Moose with me.

You see, my adopted "mom" and her family love 'DA BEARS.  Well I like bears, but can't say that I LOVE them!  We have, let's say, Respect for each other!

I found out that 'DA BEARS that "mom" loves is the Chicago Bears football team.  I have never been to a football game and neither has Minny.  Come to find out, "mom's" grandson, Ronnie, hasn't either.  So off we went this past Sunday to Jacksonville, Florida, to watch 'DA BEARS and the Jacskonville Jaguars play professional football.  Now I did say that "mom's" family loves 'DA BEARS.  There are two that don't.  "Mom's" daughter and grandson LOVE the JAGS!  But that is okay, we all had fun!

I was amazed at how many people LOVE 'DA BEARS!  Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of people that love the JAGS, but I think they were almost outnumbered at this game.  There were people wearing these football jerseys with different numbers and names.  The Chicago Bears jersey I saw the most of was Urlacher 54.  He is the defensive player with 'DA BEARS.  I also saw Payton 34.  They told me that he was also known as "Sweetness".  He used to play for 'DA BEARS and was on the winning Super Bowl Champs ('DA BEARS) in the 1985/1986 season.  He was "mom's" favorite player.  "Mom" was wearing a McMahon 9 jersey.  He was the quarterback for the Super Bowl Champs.  She told me she has a sweatshirt with Payton 34, but it was too hot on Sunday to wear it.  And it was very HOT!  It was 90 degrees at 4PM when the game started.  I am really not used to the hot weather.  Neither is Minny.  But we survived!  BEARLY!

I really liked watching 'DA BEARS and the Jags play the game of football.  There is a lot of cheering (really yelling) going on during the game.  We had a lot of Chicago Bear fans around us.  "Mom" really gets into these games.  It was fun watching her!  Minny and Ronnie liked the game also.  Ronnie said he wants to go back next week!  Typical child's answer isn't it? 

The final score of the game was, 'DA BEARS 41, JAGS 3.  It was a great game for 'DA BEARS fans.  Not so much for the JAG fans. 

The main thing is that it was a family outing and everyone had fun!  I am grateful to "mom" for taking me and Minny along. 

Here is a picture of the game.  You can barely see my antlers in the picture.  It was more important to get a shot of the game.  No need to see me.  You see me enough, right?

But now I am ready to head back to New Hampshire along with Minny.  It will be great to cool off after spending time in Florida.  I heard it really got cold in New England this weekend.  That will be a welcome relief to both Minny and myself.

Until next time....................................


  1. Too fun!! Yes, family outtings are the best, and we love us a good NFL game live in person! As a die-hard Packer fan tho... I almost... almost couldn't read this post :) Glad you all had fun!

  2. Stopping by from The Foley Fam blog! What an awesome giveaway you are having! New follower here!

  3. Heard about you through the Foley Family following!! I hope I win!