Saturday, July 13, 2013


Minny and I have been traveling this past month.  Yes, Minny went we me on this trip!  I was so happy to have her travel with me.

Minny and I with my "adopted mom" and her hubby and grandson, Ronnie, went to North Carolina.  Minny was happy to have someone younger to travel with.  Ronnie is 10 years old.  And with Minny being 4 years old, Ronnie was like her big brother!

We went to some cool places in North Carolina.  The last time I was in North Carolina we went to the Train Museum in Spencer.  We went again this time so Ronnie and Minny could see the trains.  They both loved riding on the train and see all the big trains.

 Minny just had to sneak in this picture!

This was a beautiful red caboose!

We went to the Daniel Boone Park located on the Yadkin River.  We had to walk down this trail through the woods to get to the cave that Daniel Boone lived in.  Minny and I didn't mind it, but Ronnie and "Mom" kept getting attacked by mosquitoes and other little bugs! Bugs don't bother us!

In front of the cave Daniel Boone lived in.  Notice how Minny poses the same way?

The Yadkin River sure is muddy!  

We also went to the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro.  What a beautiful zoo and it is so big.  It is divided into two sections.  There is an entrance on the North America side and there is an entrance on the Africa side.  We went to the Africa side first where we saw giraffes, gorillas, rhinoceros and many more animals.  

 Beautiful giraffes.

A mama gorilla and her new baby all curled up in a ball.

We even went to Dinosaur Land.  They were huge!!  Thank goodness they weren't real!! Minny was a little scared of them!  She would not pose in the picture with Ronnie below the biggest dinosaur.

Minny was too scared to get near this huge dinosaur!

We then took a tram to go to the North America entrance which was a mile away!  We saw polar bears, alligators, and more animals. 
 These alligators were sleeping, thank goodness!

Isn't she or he just beautiful?

If you walk the whole zoo, it is five miles of trails. That is a lot of walking!  If you are ever near Asheboro, North Carolina, you should stop at this zoo.  You will not regret it.  

After a stay in North Carolina, it was onto Florida.  Minny and I are not fond of Florida in the summer.  It is too hot and humid.  But we visited for a while and I went with "Mom" and her daughter to see the Coke Zero 400 Nascar race at the Daytona International Speedway. 
Opening ceremony before the Coke Zero 400.

Remember, I went to the Daytona 500 and loved it.  It was hot for this race, but I have to say once we got to our seats up in the stands we had our own air conditioner.  A nice wind was blowing out of the southeast so the heat was tolerable.  The race was awesome and very exciting!  "Mom's" guy didn't win (Dale Jr.) and neither did her daughter's guy win (Tony Stewart).  I didn't have a favorite driver, so I didn't care who won. And a great fireworks show ended the night.  A good time was had by all!!!

Now Minny and I are back home in New Hampshire.  It is always good to go away, but it is GREAT to get back home!

Enjoy your summer!  Until next time.............................

Moose Mills

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