Friday, May 10, 2013


I just got back from a trip to North Carolina!  What a trip!  I have been there before, but went again with my "adopted mom" and her hubby.

They have a place up near Winston-Salem.  It is not very far from the Blue Ridge mountains.  So I got to roam those mountains.

The day we all went up to the mountains was a cloudy day and we ran into some rain.  We stopped at one of the lookouts on the Blue Ridge Parkway to see Stone Mountain.
Description and notes about Stone Mountain at the overlook stop.
Stone Mountain

Can you see Stone Mountain in the second picture?  No?  Look again.  Look real hard. Rub your eyes and look once more.  Can't see it?  Well, neither could we.  That high up had a lot of fog.  Bummer!  Oh well, next time maybe we will be able to see Stone Mountain.

We also went to visit Tiger World in Rockwell, North Carolina.  Tiger World is a non profit animal conservation  and educational center dedicated to rescue, rehabilitation, and preservation of exotic animals.
These two bears were cute.  
This lion was "talking" to us.  More like growling to us!
This beautiful guy was just laying on the store window ledge.

If you ever get up to North Carolina, make a point to stop and see these beautiful animals. There a lot more animals to see.  Rockwell is located off of I-85, about 20 minutes northeast of Charlotte.

We also went to visit some race shops.  Since "mom" is a Nascar nut, race shops are always on the itinerary.    Mom's daughter was visiting and she is a die hard Tony Stewart fan.  She knows someone who works on Danica Patrick's race crew, so we got to tour Stewart-Haas Racing.  
Here I am standing by Tony's car.

And, of course, a trip to North Carolina race shops would not be complete without stopping by Junior Motorsports.  Mom is a die hard Dale Jr. fan.  They give tours on Thursdays and Fridays, so we got to tour his shop.
Here I am by the car Dale Jr. won in at Daytona!

We also visited the North Carolina Transportation Museum in Spencer.  Wow!  It was HUGE!!  We even rode a train around the 56 acres.  This was a NEAT museum.  Another stop you need to make when in North Carolina.  Spencer is just up the road on I-85 northeast of Tiger World.
This was one of the buildings at the museum.  We saw trains, planes, automobiles and more!!
One of the restored trains.  Awesome!
Another restored train.  Beautiful!

We saw a lot on this trip.  My favorite was the mountains.  I love to roam the mountains. I know I will be going back to those Blue Ridge Mountains!

Well, I am back in Florida.  I am overseeing the production of Minny Moose's new sunscreen.  It is set to ship out in another week.  Minny is so excited to have her own product. Children need sunscreen on when outside in any weather.  Sunshine or cloudy weather.

Until next time..........................

Moose Mills 

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