Monday, May 19, 2014


           Did you miss me?  Did you wonder where I was or where I went?  Oh, I know, you thought I was hibernating like bears do.

           Well I wasn't hibernating.  I am not a bear!  I was up in the North Carolina mountains with Minny enjoying our new home this winter.  It was kind of a rough winter up north, but Minny and I are used to it being from New Hampshire.

            So did you enjoy your winter?  What I thought was neat was how the five Great Lakes froze over.  I heard that the lakes were 93% frozen over.  I was told it has been several years since this has happened.  My "adopted mom" is from a town that is on Lake Michigan and she has pictures of people walking on Lake Michigan!  They were walking on the ice on top of Lake Michigan!  That would have been a neat thing to do.  I could have told people that I walked on Lake Michigan (I would have left out the ice part)!

           Is you skin dry from the harsh winter we just had?  It is?  Then you should use my Moose Mills Body Butter.  It has shea butter in it and it smells divine!  It will have your skin feeling soft in no time!

          Minny and I have been in Florida visiting and doing a little work in our Florida plant. This weekend we took a break and went on a day trip with my adopted "Mom", her hubby, their grandson and their daughter.  We went to Gainesville first to the University of Florida to see the Butterfly Rainforest.  That was so neat!  They have this room with all these plants, trees, etc. and the butterflies are everywhere.  They are so beautiful!

Isn't this butterfly beautiful?

          Then we drove up to Alachua to the Mill Creek Farm which is a retired horse farm. What was so neat about it is that the fee to get in was 2 carrots!  But you should bring a lot of carrots as there are a lot of horses there.  Some were blind and some have been there for years enjoying retirement. A couple from England started the farm in 1984 and run it with lots of volunteers. It is a nonprofit sanctuary for old, abused and abandoned horses. It was one of the neatest places to visit.

Feeding the horses.

         After the farm, we drove over to Cedar Key which is on the gulf coast of Florida.  What a nice, quiet and peaceful little town. A great place to just "chill"!  

        It was a full day, but we all had fun.  Minny and I learned a lot!  Minny wants to get a little beach time in on the world"s most famous beach (Daytona Beach, don't you know!) before we head back to North Carolina!     

       Until next time.................

Moose Mills

Monday, February 3, 2014


Oh, you are not into football?  That's okay, but a lot of people are.  They said that 100 million people watched the Super Bowl last night.  The Denver Broncos played the Seattle Seahawks.

Minny and I are in Florida at our plant and staying with my "adopted" mom.  It was cold and rainy for several days, but today, Holy Cow it is in the eighties!!  Super warm for February! Minny and I will have to head back to North Carolina soon so we can have seasonable weather!  It has been cold up there.  It snowed last week just before we headed down here to Florida.

But back to football for a few.  Now since I am originally from New Hampshire, by football team is the New England Patriots. I know, I know, some of your are moaning on that one. My "mom" is a Chicago Bears fan and she only likes one person on the Patriots. Who?  Why Tom Brady, of course. Why?  Because he played for the Michigan Wolverines. So since none of "our teams" were playing in the Super Bowl, mom and the family were rooting for the Seahawks. Only one son of theirs was rooting for the Broncos.  Me?  I really didn't care who won.  But I guess it was good to see the Seahawks win their first Super Bowl.

Now I love to watch the commercials during the Super Bowl.  That is my favorite thing!  My favorite commercial?  Do you think you can guess?  It was the Budweiser Puppy Love commercial.  That was the best commercial.

Budweiser had another commercial that was a tribute to a soldier. That soldier happened to be from Florida. That was a cool commercial also.

Budweiser always seems to come up with the BEST commercials!

And did you know that the Seattle Seahawks have a legally deaf person on their team? Derrick Coleman, Number 40, is legally deaf.  He seems like an awesome person. He treated two young twin deaf  girls and their parents to tickets to the Super Bowl.  How great was that?

Now to MY commercial.  In this cold winter weather, are your feet dry and need a little tender loving care? Then my Moose Mills Mud Treatment is just the answer to make your feet soft and supple.

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Until next time....................

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