Friday, August 31, 2012


I went to my first Nascar race!  And it was at Bristol, Baby!  (What can I say.  That's the way they talk!)

I went with my "adopted mom", her hubby and two of their children.  It was quite the experience.  It was very LOUD!  My goodness, I needed ear plugs.  Have you ever seen ear plugs for a moose?  No?  Well, neither have I.  So I had to suffer.  But it was well worth it!

Bristol Motor Speedway is located in Bristol, Tennessee.  What I learned is that the city of Bristol is located right on the Tennessee and Virginia state line.  So half of the city is in Tennessee and the other half of the city is in Virginia.  My "mom" had a friend who lived on the Tennessee side and went to school on the Virginia side.  Really different.

Back to Bristol Speedway.  The track is located in the mountains of Tennessee.  The track is called a short track.  Why?  It is less than a mile around the track.  The track is made of cement and is high banked.  What is high banked?  That means the track is on an angle and the corners are at a 30 degree angle.  So the cars are going almost sideways when they go around the corners.  Ever hear 43 cars racing at the same time in a "cement bowl"?  LOUD, LOUD, LOUD!!  We were sitting near the start/finish line and I felt like reaching down and picking up one of the cars.  Those cars looked like matchbox cars from where we were sitting.  But they were going too fast and I couldn't grab one!

Can you see my antlers on the bottom of the above picture?  Yup, that is me at Bristol, Baby!! 

Okay, here I am in the crowd.  I fit in, don't I?  Not really, but I had a blast!  It's Bristol, Baby!!  Soon I will have a southern drawl...............   NOT!!

After the race, we drove back to North Carolina where my "mom" and hubby have a second home in a small town called Welcome, which is south of Winston-Salem.  Yes, you heard me, Welcome.  The sign coming into town says "Welcome to Welcome".  Really!! 

It is also the home of Richard Childress Racing.  He has cars in the Sprint Cup series and the Nationwide series, and trucks in the Truck series.  He also has a winery near by.  He is one busy guy!

I sure do like it in North Carolina where they have the Blue Ridge Mountains.  They also have this mountain called Pilot Mountain north of Winston-Salem.  I sure love roaming around these mountains!  There is so much to see!

Okay, that is it for now.  Back to work!  Next weekend I will be at the show in Sturbridge, Mass.  I am looking forward to it.

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.  I am going to enjoy some time with Minny before I go off to the show.


  1. Great descriptions! I can't believe we were sitting so close really and never got to see each other! Sounds like you enjoyed Bristol! It was an amazing race!

  2. Mr. Moose should sponsor a car. :-) Or better yet drive one. They can call him Loose Moose on Wheels. :-)