Monday, November 26, 2012


As you may know, if you read, that I am in Florida for a couple days.  Minny and I came down here for the interview.  My adopted "mom", who has the Gift Bags n More blog, had her grandson, Ronnie, and Minny do a Christmas craft.  They decorated a clear bulb to put on the Christmas tree.

Since "mom" is a die hard University of Michigan fan, she had Ronnie and Minny cut blue and yellow tissue into small squares.

Here are the squares of tissue paper along with the clear bulb.  You will also need starch.  This is what is used to attach the tissue squares to the bulb.  That is a small jar of starch shown above.

Next, Ronnie stuck his finger in the starch and rubbed the starch on the bulb.  Then he took a square of the tissue and applied to the bulb and then took more starch and rubbed it over the tissue square.  He did this with each tissue square until the whole bulb was covered.
Once the bulb is completely covered, you let it dry.  We used a small dixie cup to set the bulb in for drying.
As it dries the tissue will not be transparent.  After it dried completely, we added a couple stickers and a ribbon bow at the top.
As you can see this is a very simple craft for your children to try.  I just let Minny Moose watch as I felt she was a little too young to work with the starch.  To tell you the truth, I thought we would have starch everywhere!  So she watched while Ronnie made the Christmas bulb.  "Mom" loved it!  I will have to make one with Minny when she gets a little older and make one of a New Hampshire school!
Minny and I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We did and happy we could enjoy it with family!
I hope you enjoyed the tutorial above.  I am now leaving for my trip to the Far East.  I will be going to China, Japan and the Philippines!  I will try to blog while on my trip, but I may wait until I return.
Until next time........................

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