Sunday, October 28, 2012


Yep, I am on the road again!  This time Minny and I are in Welcome, North Carolina, just south of Winston-Salem.  Remember?  I told you about Welcome in an earlier blog.  My "adopted mom and dad" have a place in Welcome.

The fall colors are beautiful!!!  Some of the trees have lost their leaves in the Welcome area, but there are still a lot of leaves on the trees.  Some of the trees are still green and haven't "turned" yet.  It has been windy this weekend, so it is "snowing leaves".  A lot of leaves are falling.

We all went to Old Town Salem, which is right in the town of Winston-Salem.  It was like walking through history.  There are buildings that were built in the 1800's.  Some of the buildings are museums that you can tour.  There are houses there that people still live in. 

Here we are in Old Salem, NC.  Isn't that tree beautiful?  The colors were just so awesome! 
We learned a lot about Old Salem and who originally settled there.  They were the Moravians, who were one of the first prostestants to settle in North Carolina.  One thing I found interesting is that in those days when young girls were walking on the sidewalk, the boys were not allowed out of the houses.  And when the boys were walking on the sidewalk, the girls were not allowed out of the houses.  Wow, very strict rules!
And another fact we learned about Old Salem is that they were the first ones to officially celebrate the 4th of July in 1783.  Wow, who knew!
Over the weekend we also went to the biggest barbecue festival in Lexington, NC.  Hundreds of people were there and the smell of barbecued pork was in the air!  And you know what?  I found one of my old school buddies!  He has a slush stand.  It was cool to see him again.  As they say, "It's a small, small world!".
We also took a nice ride to see the colors in the area south of Lexington.  We found this really old covered bridge outside of Ashboro, NC.  They don't use it anymore as it is very narrow and so old.  But it was neat to see it.

So Minny and I had a great weekend.  We were using my Moose Mills Magic Hand Therapy as it was cold in North Carolina.  And you know what the cold does, it dries out your hands or hoofs in Minny's and my case.  My hand therapy soaks into your hands and doesn't sit on top of your hands like a lot of mineral oil based products do.  So your hands stay soft for hours.  Remember, you can buy it at or a gift store near you.  Check out my web site for a list of the gift stores.
We are going to stay up here for another week.  This weather is my kind of weather.  It is in the forties, so perfect for roaming the mountains of North Carolina.  I heard it is snowing in the North Carolina mountains, so we will roam up there to see the snow.
Until next time.....................

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