Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Another week has gone by.  Where does the time go?  Soon it will be Halloween, then Thanksgiving and then Christmas! 

This past weekend Minny and I were in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  There was snow on the mountains!   See how beautiful it was in the above picture.  Minny and I were having a blast running through the snow.  She even made a snow angel.  She was so cute!

After all that walking, especially in the snow, our hoofs were cold and in need of tender loving care.  So I used my Moose Mills Mud Foot Balm. 
My Mud Foot Balm is enriched with peppermint oils, glycerin and grapefruit extracts to cool and soften tired soles, toes and "hoofs"!  It is a wonderful treat for your feet!  You can find it on my web site
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