Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Moose Mills here!  How are you doing today?  Did you have a great weekend?

I spent my weekend in the beautiful mountains of New Hampshire with my daughter, Minny Moose.  We roamed the mountains, had a picnic and had a wonderful weekend.  Minny is the light of my life and I love spending time with her.

Here we are up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  You don't see much of Minny and me, but we wanted to showcase the mountains and not us.  Aren't the mountains beautiful?

Time to talk a little shop!  Have you tried my Moose Magic Hand Therapy?  It is wonderful stuff.  Dry, tired skin becomes soft, touchable hoofs.  Oops!  I mean hands.  Well, moose can use it too!  My Magic Hand Therapy has glycerin which soaks into your skin and doesn't "sit on top" of your skin like mineral oil based products do.  Carrot oil and other potent antioxidants keep your hands soft and supple, no matter how many times you wash your hoofs, I mean hands!  I know what you are thinking.  Moose don't wash their hoofs.  What!  Are you sure?  We wash them when we walk in the streams and rivers.  Anyhow, back to my Hand Therapy.   It leaves your hands so smoooooooth!   Why don't you try it.  With the colder weather coming soon, your hands will get so dry that you will need my lotion to keep them soft.  You can go to www.moosemills.com and order some!

Hey "mom"!  Make sure you keep up with the orders.  I want to ship the orders out for Moose Magic Hand Therapy right away.  I want to keep my new customers very happy!

Well I am busy assembling gift bags to fill the orders we got at the New England Made Gift Show last week.  A Moose's work is never done!

Until next time................................................

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