Thursday, September 13, 2012


I am back from the New England Made Gift Show in Sturbridge, Massachusetts.  What a beautiful little town just across the border from Conneticut. 

On the way into Sturbridge, of course, "Mom" took the wrong turn and went down past the show place.  But she finally figured out how to get back to the show.  And then on one of the trips out to get supplies, "Mom" took a wrong turn again!  With the help of "Auntie Sharon", they finally figured out where they were going!  I could have told them the correct way to go, but they NEVER listen to me!  It was like I wasn't even in the car!  Geesh!!

It was a very nice show.  Met a lot of new people and had some great fun at the show.  They liked my products.  "Mom" put together some gift bags to sell and they were a very BIG hit!  Sold a lot of those bags!  One of the bags had a Moose doll with the Moose Magic Hand Therapy and Cool Hand Moose Hand Sanitizer and the other bag had the Moose doll with the Moose Magic Hand Therapy and Moose Mud Therapy for your feet.  Neat idea "Mom"!

Here I am at the show.  I think "Mom" and "Auntie Sharon" did a nice job on decorating the booth.  They worked hard in getting the booth ready for the show.  "Auntie Christine" came also to help at the show.  I have a nice "adopted" family.  Don't know what I would do without them!  Thanks ladies for all your hard work!

I didn't have time to explore Sturbridge.  It is an old colonial city settled in 1729.  On our drive through town (remember, Mom got lost) I did see some beautiful old homes and churches.  Sturbridge also has one of the country's oldest and largest living history museums.  It is open year round and called Old Sturbridge Village.  I will have to come back for a visit.

I am off to spend time with Minny.  She is growing up so fast.  Until next time..................

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