Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Good Morning All-

I have been traveling lately, checking out the different stores that carry my Moose Mills Products.  I am going to feature a different store every now and then.

Today, I want to tell you about Williamsburg General Store in Williamsburg, Massachusetts.


Wow, what a history to this store!  I was so facinated to learn that this building has been there since before 1900.  It has grown in size since then and I couldn't believe all the wonderful "goodies" this store offers to the customer.  From maple syrup, incense, essential oils, cards for every occasion, crafts for children, books, coffee mugs, herbs & spices, kitchen tools, jewelry, candy and much, much more.  And don't forget, they have my Moose Mills Products!

They have homemade baked goods!  They offer coffee, tea, chai, cocoa and hot mulled cider.  They have 5 different coffees (they grind the beans fresh!).  Now if you want to buy some they have 35 different varaties of coffee for sale along with 75 varieties of tea. 

And, my all time favorite, they have ICE CREAM!  It's REAL ice cream.  They have so many flavors, I couldn't decide on which one to try.  I LOVE ICE CREAM!!  I will definitely have to come back and bring Minny Moose with me.  She loves ice cream also!

Where are they located?  They are at 12 Main Street, in Williamsburg, MA.  Williamsburg is 30 minutes west of Amherst and 15 minutes north of Northampton.

So if you are out for a drive in Massachusetts and want to visit an AWESOME store, drop by Williamsburg General Store.  Tell them the Moose sent you!

Until next time.............................

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  1. Did you say coffee?? They have my vote! Next time I'm in MA I'll check them out ... not that I've been to MA yet ... but it's on my list :)