Monday, August 27, 2012


As I told you last time, I am busy getting ready for the New England Made Giftware Show in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, on September 9 & 10, 2012.

I want to tell you about my Moose Butter.  No, it is not butter that you put on toast or bread!  Silly!  It is my Moose Cocoa & Shea Butter Body Cream.  It is very rich and creamy.  It's perfect for repairing and hydrating tired skin, scars and stretch marks.  Now I know you probably won't believe me when I tell you this, but I have had customers tell me that it smells good enough to eat!  But you don't want to eat it.  I don't recommend that. 

And you know that I have talked about my "adoptive mom" before.  Remember, I went with them on a trip this summer into Wisconsin and Michigan.  Well "mom" tells me that when she gets sunburned while riding on their Harley, she always uses my Moose Butter after and she never peels.  Of course, I keep telling her to use my Moose Mist SPF30 Sport Sunscreen before they leave for their ride and she won't get sunburned.  But she tells me that she always forgets!  That's what happens when you get older!  Sorry "mom"!

My Moose Butter comes in a large 8 oz. jar and you can buy it online at or buy at one of the many gift stores that carry Moose Mills.  One of the bigger stores that carries my Moose Mills Products is Reny's in Maine.  They have several stores around Maine.  Read my previous blogs to see some of the other stores that I have told you about.

 Well that's it for this time.  Until next time............................................

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